Saturday, March 31, 2007

The EMBA Question - is it worth it?

I was reading in the WSJ a few weeks ago about the compression of the EMBA program. Experienced executives are having a hard time meeting the demands of work and fitting the EMBA curriculum into their schedules. Schools are compressing the schedule to get it all in in a shorter period. Getting on the Fast TrackTo an Executive M.B.A. By Ronald Alsop

I was thinking that there are quite a few senior executives in my same position; having been consumed in working hard for smaller companies that did not have time to sponsor me in an EMBA program. I wondered if it would be worth the investment today to get the EMBA degree or is there just not enough return? I was discussing this with my older sister and suggested I might be too old to make it worthwhile - she was apparently offended by my suggestion that I was "too old" considering what this would mean for her, so I had to explain that too old was not about age, but about ROI.

So to get an expert's opinion, I sent a message off to Ron Alsop at WSJ and apparently I was not the only one. The answers to this compelling question is in the next article Is Earning an Executive M.B.A.Past the Age of 50 Worth It?

I would love to hear comments on this - please let me know.

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